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Bay Area Youth Leaders Election Opening Ceremony

Bay Area Youth Leaders Election Opening Ceremony


The “2018 Dawan District Youth Leadership Election” organized by the Harbour Youth Chamber of Commerce was successfully concluded on August 5. The purpose of this event is to recognize young people aged 18 to 35 who have outstanding leadership skills and have a commitment to Hong Kong and the motherland and encourage them to become active citizens and develop leaders’ potential. The event was reviewed and nine outstanding young winners were selected.


Nine young people from Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland have been awarded the title of “Youth Leader” in Hong Kong for their contribution to the community in recognition of his ambition to serve others and to encourage other young people to follow their example. At the same time, the organizers also hope to provide a platform for young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to interact with each other and create opportunities for mutual assistance and cooperation.


The chief judge of the election, Ms. Mo Fung-yee, a senior educator in Hong Kong, said that the young people who participated in the election were of high quality and all the selected contestants were deserved young leaders. In addition, this election is also the first time to accept young candidates outside Hong Kong. Under the selection of the judging profession, the title of “Youth Leader” is more recognized in Dawan District.


President Mo also has a certain hope for the nine winners. They are expected to use their professionalism, perseverance and service to help the society and the motherland. Ms. Li Chengxin, the organizer of the Harbour Youth Merchants Association, also agreed that this is the first time that the “Young Leaders Series” has rushed out of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. It is a major landmark breakthrough.



In addition to Ms. Mo, the jury members include: former Director of the Hong Kong Police Force, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Mr. Deng Jingcheng, GBS PDSM, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and National Youth Federation Standing Committee, Dr. Wu Jiezhuang, Vice Chairman of the Outstanding Youth Association, Mr. Zhou Dingyu, and Macau Elite Mr. Cai Jingwei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, the event also invited two well-known Hong Kong entrepreneurs as ambassadors, including a founder of “Good Cooking”, Ms. Jing Ren, and Ms. Li Meiyan, founder of “Ming Yan Boxing”.


The nine winners of this year include Mr. Chen Zhengqin, Mr. Chen Wei, Ms. Zhu Lingling, Dr. Lin Hengyi, Mr. Liu Junyan, Mr. Long Yunsheng, Mr. Mai Chengqi, Mr. Xie Haifa and Ms. Zheng Kuan. They come from different sectors of society and don’t forget to participate in social organizations and take the role of leaders in their spare time.


As a sponsor, Ando Group congratulates the winners and hopes to continue to serve the community and contribute to building a country.




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