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ESF Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary By Hosting a Huge Marathon

ESF Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary By Hosting a Huge Marathon


To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the English Schools Foundation (ESF) today hosted the first large marathon in Central.


The event is fully supported by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Youth Commission. It is open to both teachers and students, parents and alumni and the public. The marathon has a 1 to 10 km race and a 1 km parent-child trip. More than 2,000 people participated in the event.


At the opening ceremony, the officiating guests included Mr. Zhang Jianzong, Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. Yang Runxiong, Secretary for Education, and Mr. Liu Mingwei, Chairman of the Youth Affairs Committee. Mr. Lin Zhigang, Chairman of Andorra Group, and Mr. Pan Bozhen and Mr. Chen Dongyi, two executive partners, attended the meeting. On behalf of Yingji, including Ms. Ge Lin, Chief Executive Officer of the English Schools Association, and other board members and management members.


In terms of competitions, Brendan Kean from Yingji Qingshuiwan Primary School and Jennifer Whybrow of Yingji Peak Primary School won the first place with 33 minutes 22 seconds and 45 minutes 47 seconds, becoming the champion of the 10km individual runners men’s and women’s teams. .


Mr. Shi Liqian, Chairman of the English Schools Association, said: “To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the British Foundation, we are here to organize a marathon celebration, and we hope to promote healthy culture and lifestyle, and encourage the public to participate and participate. Through the event, let the relatives and friends share Celebrate and enjoy happy hours.”



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